Latest Breaking News: Nancy Pelosi is Trying to Stop the Bill !


GOP celebrate passing tax bill, while Democrats are working on strategy for revenge.

The Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi posted out a letter asking her colleagues to vote no on the tax bill and to avoid a government shutdown

The tax bill isn’t released yet.


December 20, 2017

Dear Democratic Colleague,

This morning, the Republicans crossed a new line of irresponsibility for the American people. The GOP tax scam robs from our children’s future and ransacks the middle class in order to reward the top 1 percent and corporate America.

Proudly, House Democrats voted 100 percent against the bill. Thank you for your leadership.

Now we are expecting the Republican proposals for a Continuing Resolution and for the supplemental for disaster assistance.

There have been numerous discussions but no real legislation has come forward from the Republican Leadership. The Republican Conference will meet at 5:00 pm today, following which we expect to see how they plan to proceed.

House and Senate Democratic Leadership has continued to insist on parity in the CAPS, which we insist should include fluiding for opioids, veterans, pensions, NIH, and support for the DREAM Act. Unless we see a respect for our values and priorities, we continue to urge a strong NO on the Continuing Resolution.

I will keep you posted on any intelligence regarding the substance and timing of upcoming votes.

Many thanks again for the unity in our Caucus, of which you are an important part. Hoping that we can be home soon, I send ongoing holiday greetings.


Best wishes,