You’ll CHEER When You See Who Just Publicly Destroyed David Hogg


Ted Nugent has had enough of Parkland shooting survivor-turned-radical anti-gun activist David Hogg’s nonsense, and he’s not afraid to let the world know it.

Mad World News reported that Nugent just spoke out to slam Hogg as a “soulless liar,” adding that his fellow anti-gun activist friends are  “pathetic, the level of ignorance goes beyond stupidity.” A proud member of the National Rifle Association, Nugent eviscerated Hogg to the point where the teen was caught off guard with his pants down.

Nugent made the comments as he defended the NRA during an interview with NewsMax radio host Joseph John Pagliarulo, better known as Joe Pags.

“The National Rifle Association are families who believe our gift of life is not only worth protecting but we have a self-evident truth based right, and duty, to have self-defense and the king doesn’t have the exclusive right to keep and bear arms,” Nugent said. “It’s so simple that anyone who contests it is the dumbing down of America, and we would love to help the children reduce and even eliminate violence and danger and insecurity in their lives, in the schools, and on our streets, but if your entire anti-gun agenda is based on 100% lies and falsehoods—remember Joe— if you really examine every word out of the leftist media’s mouth in which these children say, everything out of their mouths is a lie.”

Nugent went on to say that Hogg and his friends know nothing about firearms, ballistic, and murder and crime rates.

“So not only now do you have to feel sorry for the liars, but you have to go against them,” Nugent explained. The host then played an excerpt of Hogg and Emma Gonzalez telling CNN that the NRA and politicians who back the NRA are “against the children, taking blood money, they are against the people who are dying.”

“Well that’s sad, the level of ignorance goes beyond stupidity,” Nugent responded.

Nugent then replied to a clip of Hogg saying, “If you can’t be elected without taking money from child murderers, why are you running?”

“The dumbing down of America is manifested in the culture deprivation of our academia that have taught these kids the lies, media that have prodded and encouraged and provided these kids lies,” Nugent said. “To attack the good, law-abiding families of America when well-known, predictable murderers commit these horrors is deep in the category of soulless. These poor children, I’m afraid to say this and it hurts me to say this, but the evidence is irrefutable, they have no soul.”

Hogg tried to fire back by pretending that he has no idea who Nugent is, a ploy meant to humiliate the gun-supporter. However, Hogg’s misdirect ended up backfiring hours later when he tweeted about one of his dead student’s brother, Hunter Pollack. The family of deceased Parkland victim Meadow Pollack is pro-Donald Trump and are taking a stand for guns.

Because of his pro-gun message, Hunter was told that he could not speak at the “March For Our Lives” rally. Hogg tried to use Hunter to distract everyone from Nugent’s comments, but it didn’t end well for him.

“A miscommunication led to Hunter not being able to speak at the march… I would like you to hear it now at this bea,” Hogg wrote, adding in a second tweet,  “Please share this video so as many people as possible can hear this beautiful message… We need an intersectional approach to this issue to save as many lives as we can. This isn’t left or right, it’s about saving lives. Through unity and love we will win and end gun violence.”


This all just goes to show that Nugent is right about Hogg and that the young man has no idea what he’s talking about. He’s simply an opportunistic fame-grabber who is trying to use the mainstream media’s anti-gun obsession to make himself a celebrity.