Woman Caught Vandalizing Trump’s Hollywood Star Gets Swift Justice Moments Later


In today’s video, we see your typical Trump hater. A reasonably well-off woman who has decided that all of her problems in life must be the result of Donald Trump.

She decides, “I’ll show HIM! Today is the day I finally stand up.”


So she marches out the door, takes an Uber over to Hollywood Blvd, and whips out her protest nail polish to write a message.

I bet she felt so proud for those few minutes after she stood back and looked at her masterpiece. “They are clapping for me! Finally I have social validation, I stood up to Donald Trump!”

Then reality knocked some sense into her. I love it!

Check out  what happens just minutes after she vandalizes our President’s Hollywood star…

Can you say – sweet justice?


Nothing like a dose of reality to melt these snowflakes. Welcome to the real world.

In the real world, crimes have consequences.