Village Passes Ban on Semi-Automatic Weapons, Issues $1,000 Fines Per Day if Guns Are Not Turned In


The Deerfield Village Board in Illinois voted unanimously on Monday to ban semi-automatic guns, including pistols and shotguns that have “certain features,” and anything larger than a 10-round magazine.

At a public hearing, WLS reports that Ariella Kharasch, a high school student, stated: “This is our fight. This is our generation’s fight, and we’re going to keep fighting. Thank you for being part of that.”

The ban will be implemented June 13, and residents who do not turn in their newly banned weapons will be punished with fines as high as $1,000 per day.

However, not everyone was in favor of the new law.

“There were a lot of emotional arguments and not a lot based on fact,” Daniel Easterday said, according to CBS Chicago. “Deerfield is a very crime-free community, and I don’t see how this is going to make it any more crime free.”

Another opposer, James Smith, told the board:

“This is oppression. This is putting your thumb on people and saying, ‘You are unworthy.’ This is bigotry.”

The ban on certain weapons comes just on the heels of the massive March for Our Lives event, which was created with the goal of raising awareness of gun violence and pushing for increased gun control.