Unlike President Trump, CNN’s Reporter Chris Cuomo Drinks Water “Like A Man“


Liberals hit rock bottom with their new foolish allegation about Republican President, Donald Trump. Reporter Chris Cuomo on CNN tried to teach Trump how to drink water “Like A Man“.

The CNN host Alisyn Camerota made a big anecdote of how the president drinks water, saying, “President Trump’s water break is trending on social media this morning. The president reached for a glass of water during his national security speech and Twitter took note.

It has led to comparisons of how the president needs to use two hands, apparently, to drink from a water bottle” and she continued on, “He did that during the speech last month and then again yesterday.

The water works with the president started — the water works started with the campaign, of course, when he poked fun at Senator Marco Rubio for pausing mid-sentence for some water. But this is an even smaller glass yesterday where he used two hands. I believe last time you called it the baby grip.”

Cuomo then strike in, trying to sham Trump, saying, “Well, that is the sippy cup grip that you’re using there right now. Now, I don’t get all the hands thing and the glass. You know, I don’t …I don’t know what it’s all about and this…”

Chris  picked up the glass with one hand and said, “I drink out of a… And I hold it like a man, with one hand. And I don’t think it’s a judgment — certainly not one of our biggest concerns. If you want to hold the cup with all your hands, you know, you… That’s what you do.” Added Alisyn, “It is the sippy cup grip.”

CNN definitely lost ideas of attacking Trump.