Trump Hammers Sanctuary Cities For Causing Epidemic That Kills 116 Americans Every Day


There’s one term that infuriates any Republican or Conservative: Sanctuary Cities.

It’s not merely because these havens for illegal aliens are allowing countless criminals to plague our country, it’s also because such cities are entirely lawless.

They defy the law at every turn and then scream at everyone that they’re “doing the right thing.”

And yet, the shockingly disastrous impact these sanctuary cities have had is painfully obvious, and it’s causing a myriad of horrible problems.

President Trump blasted sanctuary cities in his recent weekly address, saying they’re at least partially responsible for the nation’s #1 crisis.

What is it illegals bring across the border in huge amounts? Yes, drugs. And specifically, the one type of drug that’s destroying American lives at a rapid clip:

Every day, an average of 116 Americans die from an opioid-related overdose.

This is a national crisis that demands immediate action.

Trump went on to talk about his team’s strategy regarding drug-use preventions, tougher penalties for dealers, etc.

Then he dropped an all-too-true bombshell about illegal immigrants and the sanctuary cities that harbor them:

If our brave federal agents are going to be successful in stopping this deadly epidemic, then we must stop lawless sanctuary cities.

Sanctuary cities release thousands of dangerous criminal aliens into our communities — including drug traffickers, drug dealers, and vicious gang members.

The President added that in a particularly heinous and lawless act, after the Oakland mayor helped illegal criminals evade capture, those same illegals immediately committed more crimes.

Liberals just can’t seem to figure this out, even when it’s punching them directly in the nose. Said Trump:

It is no coincidence that six of the biggest heroin markets in the United States are sanctuary cities.

More than 40 percent of heroin coming across the southern border is transported through California — a sanctuary state.

Of course, it isn’t a coincidence. The President concluded by saying that drug cartels have utterly ruined sanctuary cities like Denver, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York.

The influx of drugs have turned such illegal cities into giant distribution centers and now, all of America is paying for this insanity.

Sanctuary cities must be criminalized immediately. We can’t keep this up for much longer without acting.

Finished Trump:

We want our cities to be safe-havens for Americans, not criminal aliens.

It is time for Congress to cut off funds for sanctuary cities and to close the loopholes that allow drugs and criminals to violate our borders.


Source: Washington Examiner