Trump Goes Rogue – Makes Stunning Jeff Sessions Announcement


President Donald Trump lashed out at Attorney General Jeff Sessions once again on Monday night hours after the FBI raided the home of the president’s attorney, Michael Cohen.

“The attorney general made a terrible mistake when he did this and when he recused himself, or he should have certainly let us know if he was going to recuse himself, and we would have used a, put a different attorney general in,” Trump said, according to Daily Mail. “So he made what I consider to be a very terrible mistake for the country. But you’ll figure that out..”

Trump then brought up Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who reportedly signed off on the Cohen raid after being approached  by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

“I think it’s a disgrace what’s going on. We’ll see what happens,” Trump began when asked why he doesn’t fire Mueller. “Again, they found nothing and in finding nothing that’s a big statement because you know the person who is in charge of the investigation, you know all about that. Deputy Rod Rosenstein he wrote the letter very critical of Comey.”

“But it turns out [Rosenstein] also signed the FISA warrant,” Trump continued, referring to the warrant used to spy on the president’s campaign associate Carter Page. “Rod Rosenstein who’s in charge also signed the FISA warrant and he also wrote the letter that fired Comey and he was right about that. He was absolutely right about that.”

“They raid an office of a personal attorney early in the morning and I think it’s a disgrace,” Trump said on the raid on Cohen’s office, a move he referred to as “an attack on our country and what we all stand for.”

Trump called Mueller’s investigators “the most conflicted group of people I have ever seen.”

“This is the most biased group of people. These people have the biggest conflicts of interest I’ve ever seen. Democrats all, just about all,” Trump said. “They’re not looking at the other side — Hillary Clinton… all of the crimes that were committed, all of the things that happened that everybody is very angry about from the Republican side and the independent side. They only keep looking at us.”

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