Trump Blindsides Congress In Genius Move, Sends Paul Ryan Scrambling


President Trump ran on a campaign of shaking up the D.C. establishment and draining the swamp. America responded accordingly and elected him into office to do just that.

The President has rewarded the trust people have placed in him by keeping many of his promises on a variety of issues.

He moved the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, when other presidents had only said they would. He cut taxes by $1.5 trillion, and cut regulations as well. He also got us out of the horrific Trans-Pacific Partnership, which would have greatly damaged American manufacturing.

But the president’s base feels that there are certain areas where the President has failed to deliver, and have loudly expressed their frustrations. Most recently, Republicans decried the $1.3 trillion spending bill that Congress passed last month, and that the president reluctantly signed.

But it appears the President has heard this outcry, and may soon be walking back this decision.

From NY Post:

Suffering from signer’s remorse, President Trump now wants Congress to repeal some of the $1.3 trillion spending bill he signed into law last month.

“We are looking at an enhanced rescission package,” new White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow confirmed on “Fox News Sunday.”

It’s not a mystery why the President is attempting to stop this legislation, especially since he felt pressured to sign it in the first place. The spending bill not only greatly increases our national debt, it also provides no money for the President to build a border wall.

Trump insisted at the time of the bill’s passage that some of the funds allocated towards military spending would go to building the wall, but many were skeptical. Now it appears Trump is looking to cut millions from foreign aid, and may possibly use those funds to help his “America First” agenda.

Trump’s economic advisor has lauded the President for being a “deregulator and a tax cutter”, and thinks the GOP may at last be coming along to Trump’s way of thinking. “I think the Republican Party on the Hill has finally figured out it’s really not a bad idea to trim some spending,” said Kudlow. “Because after all, spending can lead to deficits and spending interferes with the economy. ”

Kudlow went on to say that Trump wants, “a much more modest government role.”

As Congress returns this week from its Spring Break, Americans are sure to have their eye on what cuts Congress will make, and will yet again marvel at Trump’s mastery of the art of the deal.