Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Trey Gowdy Crushes The Haters


Trey Gowdy has been in interviews with Sen. Tim Scott promoting their new book “Unified: How Our Unlikely Friendship Gives Us Hope for a Divided Country.” During a Fox News interview Gowdy called out all of the open-border advocates and shut them down.

“No country should ever apologize for border integrity. The president’s right, it’s a misdemeanor to cross the border without permission. A misdemeanor. It doesn’t become a felony unless and until you re-offend and it’s not a crime at all to overstay your visa,” said Gowdy.

“I don’t know what gets weaker than not being a crime and a misdemeanor. No sovereign nation should ever apologize for border integrity. So by whatever means that needs to be accomplished,” said Gowdy suggesting that the laws should be harsher on illegals.

In a CNN interview, Tim Scott shut down myths that President Trump is a racist.

“Yes, the rhetoric cannot be helpful, it can be indefensible at times but the challenge I laid on the president’s desk was to help me find a path forward, and legislatively you had to concede that that legislation, as well as now record low unemployment in communities of color, are helpful targets from a public policy standpoint,” explained Scott.