Secret San Francisco: Boudin Bakery’s 160-Year-Old Mother Dough


San Francisco has continuously been a city that rewards great eats and advancement, and the story of SF’s most seasoned persistently working commerce is no diverse.

Boudin Bakery shop made the “Original San Francisco Sourdough French Bread” in 1849 when a French foreigner named Isidore Boudin moved to the town, prepared to capitalize on the Gold Rush boom from 1843. He set up shop in North Beach on 319 Dupont (today’s Grant Ave.) and utilized the conventional European method of capturing common yeast found within the discussion for his “mother dough,” the raising base of sourdough bread. But not at all like the mixture from his local arrive, Isidore was satisfied to discover the mother batter made in SF was very distinctive. Our innate yeast and foggy climate created an extraordinary bread – tangy, with a crunchy hull, and chewy midpoint that’s, to this day, exquisite dang addictive.

What’s additional cool around mother dough – and particularly this mother mixture – is that a portion of Boudin’s unique mixture has been utilized in every single daydream of bread made by the company within the final 160 years. It’s recharged every day with flour and water, guaranteeing the survival of the strains of yeast Isidore taken within the 1800s. This dedicated mother mixture has seen a parcel – she’s been through the presentation of Fleischman’s cake yeast in 1868, the switch to conveyance trucks rather than horse-drawn wagons in 1900, and the fire and seismic tremor of 1906 where she was spared in a bucket by Louise, Isidore’s wife.


In spite of the fact that Boudin’s HQ is presently on 10th Ave. and not in North Beach (where they moved after 1906), you’ll be able still to get a taste of Boudin at SF’ Tourist Capital, Fisherman’s Wharf.  We know, the As it were a reason to head over there’s at the frantic supplications of out of town guests, but you’ve got to confess the Boudin Flagship store has a fan-freaking-tactic smell once you walk by. Can’t bear the journey? They still offer domestic transportation!