Russian President Putin Says Muslim Refugees Should Respect Other Cultures or Go to Saudi Arabia and Iran


The video clip of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s views on radical muslims is mixed with picture of famous leader of Wahhabi organization “IslamNet“, Fahad Qureshi

The Muslim world remain to be one of the lowest developed community where many Western values are considered outrageous.

Every person has a right to their culture in their own countries, and one can’t live in Europe and hope that society lives according to Sharia law or Islamic law.

There is no boundary in today’s internet age and these beliefs can be promoted from all around the world. President Donald Trump is right when he says that we have no knowledge on which Muslims subscribe to the radical views.

But that doesn’t mean that all Muslims are Sunni, or that all Sunnis are Wahhabi [Salafi]. For illustration, the majority of Russia’s Chechens are Sunni Muslims, who almost live in peace with the modern Russian state. Both of the Chechen wars were financed by Western dollars and controlled by Saudi clerics. Today, it is simple to find Chechens within ISIS ranks. Meanwhile, Chechnya has its own Muslim army against ISIS insurgents.

It is a constant balancing act between vastly varying interpretations of the Holy book, and modernity.

President Putin is idealistic and for decades is trying to build bridges to balance the two cultures in Russia. The US State Department is having problem on funding a way to define the “extremists.”

He has opened the largest Mosque in Moscow and injects millions into the Chechen economy to provide as many opportunities as elsewhere in Russia.

Meanwhile Chechens have belief that is instilled only in that part of Russia. Every person who ask the question about their European identities is branded as ‘nationalist’ and accused of far-right or fascist views.

But isn’t that a risk for the second and third generation of children who will have unstable future from European Wahhabism? They will be guests in their own country, with right to vote and other civil rights.