Roseanne Barr Weighs in on Diamond and Silk, Sends Demand to Zuckerberg Over Alleged Censoring


Amid concern that Facebook allegedly censored YouTube stars Diamond and Silk, Roseanne Barr threw her weight behind her fellow pro-Donald Trump supporters in a series of tweets.

“Diamond and Silk are comedians-stop censoring them,” Barr tweeted Wednesday:


Her tweets came on the same day that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared before the House Energy and Commerce Committee, where Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) also defended Diamond and Silk.

Barr also retweeted sources quoting Diamond and Silk on the controversy:

In one of the retweeted videos, Silk suggested Democrats have tried to silence them because of their Republican leanings.

“The Democrats do not like the fact that we are playing for the Republican side — that we see something different,” she said. “They don’t like the fact that they cannot control us anymore and they can’t keep us on what we call ‘the Democrat plantation.’ They can’t use us anymore.”

Earlier on Wednesday, Diamond and Silk appeared on “Fox & Friends,”where Diamond accused Zuckerberg of turning Facebook into a “political playground for Democrats.” She also said she would tell Zuckerberg, to his face, that she and her half-sister weren’t “unsafe” despite the company describing their content that way.

“We are not animals,” Diamond said. “We are two black chicks that’s down with politics.”

Barr herself caught headlines for restarting her show “Roseanne” with a pro-Trump message. Her series premiere grabbed a total of 25 million viewers after getting a record-setting 6.6 million viewers in the few days following its initial airing.