North Korea is Testing Warheads Loaded With Anthrax


Just two days after the White House’s US National Security Strategy established Kim Jong-Un is pursuing biological and chemical weapons,  South Koreans are warning US that North Korea is ramping up the threat, testing warheard loaded with antrah and they are not even trying to remain unseen. The NoKos are declining it a little, but are proceeding with their work out where it can be seen.

On Wednesday Japan’s Asahi newspaper reported that anonymous person connected to South Korea intellegence that North Korea is operating with biological weapon to test the risk of loading anthrax-laden warheads meand for the US mainland.

The US is probably cognizant of these tests and sccording to an unidentified source from South Korea, the rogue nation is now organizing heat and pressure tests to see whether anthrax can remain in extreme temperatures the bacteria would face while a missile’s reentry into the atmosphere. “North Korea has started experiments such as heat and pressure equipment to prevent anthrax from dying even at a high temperature of over 7,000 degrees generated at the time of ICBM’s re-entry into the atmosphere. In part, there is unconfirmed information that it has already succeeded in such experiments.”the report stated.

Asccording to the CDC anthrax is especially dangerous compared to other biological agents. It’s a good thing I’m not in charge. Now, one way or another North Korea is a threat to the entire world and they are a proxy for the Chinese military. We were supposed to stop this madness decades ago, before a whole bunch of people wind up dead.

South Korean President Moon Jae-In before the Winter Olympics in South Korea in February is trying to make peace with both China and North Korea. Even though, South Korea has tried that before and it always ends in bloodshed. Their new leader thinks the answer is to delay military exercises with the US, he is progressive and that is formula for debacle.

North Korea and China both saw those exercises as a military threat and a reminder to not get playful during the Olympics. Peace through strength, remember? North Korea also don’t like THAAD, the deployment of a US anti-missile system, by South Korea. Jae-In also would like to stop the deployment of that defense system and for this mission he is going to get his people killed .

During a summit last week between Moon and Chinese President Xi Jinping, an official from the presidential Blue House, Seoul has proposed the potential delay in drills to Washington. China is proposing a ‘freeze for freeze’ agreement under which North Korea would stop its nuclear and missile tests in exchange for a halt to the exercises. That sounds thuggish to me. China wants a mixed Korean peninsula that they control and that’s how they will control the game here.

China is not being friendly with North Korea. They have  stopped group tours from going into South Korea and rumor has it that the US is preparing to evacuate US personnel from the area and they have yet to sign onto additional sanctions for the North Koreans.

According to the report, North Korea started its chemical and biological weapons program in the early 1960s and began possibly weaponizing biological agents in the 1980s and they have been stockpiling smallpox, anthrax and other deadly bacterial strains since at  1990s. Now they already collected thousands of tons of the stuff and it’s too late because US intelligence officials informed of North Korea’s biological weapons program.

Every now and then evil must be faced head on and dealt with. Diplomacy is not working and now new war is on the horizon.