Hypocrite Celebrities Say No to Boiling Lobsters, But Yes to Murdering Babies


When it comes to hypocrisy, there are no people who embody the term better than leftist celebrities. For example, let’s take the latest news coming out of the UK.

According to Daily Mail, celebrity Chris Packham and comedian Bill Bailey are calling for a ban on boiling live crabs and lobsters.

“They say there is clear scientific evidence that lobsters can feel pain, and call for the crustaceans to be classed as sentient creatures in a new Animal Welfare Bill,” according to The Mail.

Seemingly, they don’t like the way the crustaceans are crammed together in small pots and are succumbed to a painful death.

According to The Daily Mail, over 50 high-profile celebrities have come out and backed the bill after scientific evidence shows these crustaceans can feel pain.

So, one can’t help but ask the question — what about human babies?

After all, if celebrities are so persistent to protect lobsters because they can feel pain, shouldn’t they do everything possible to stop the horrible act of abortion?

“There is strong evidence that unborn human beings, whose lives are much more valuable (than lobsters), also feel extreme pain by 20 weeks of pregnancy, if not sooner,” explains Life Site News.

Nevertheless, abortionists have argued that a “fetus cannot feel pain prior to 26 weeks because the central nervous system (CNS) is not sufficiently intact,” the Federalist reported.

But, as Life News points out, this ignores “the seminal 2007 publication of ‘Consciousness without a cerebral cortex,’ in the medical journal Behavioral and Brain Sciences and dismiss(es) its evidence that children born missing virtually all of the cerebral cortex nonetheless experience pain.”

In addition, an internal medicine physician from Oregon, Dr. Steven Zielinski, reported on unborn fetal pain in the 1980s.

By week six, the baby responds to touch, and then by week 18, the baby can fully experience pain.

But all of this doesn’t seem to matter to pro-abortionists. They would rather fight for a crustacean than for a baby. That’s how twisted our culture of death has become.