Former FBI Assistant Director Released a Bombshell With New Discovery About Comey and Mueller


This may be the final nail in the casket for Obama’s dishonest and dominant regime.

According to James Kallstrom, former FBI Assistant Director, devoted FBI agents will go public about dirty achievements of Comey and Mueller.

Kallstrom confirmed that a “5th estate” was working to damage President Trump, lead by “a bunch of sycophants in the FBI” who are responsible of “obstruction of justice”.

He added that the purpose of the action was to “destroy the presidency of the United States,” a claim backed up by the discovery that top anti-Trump FBI agents had determined on an “insurance policy,” namely the ‘Russian collusion’ investigation, to collapse Trump if he had beaten Hillary.

“They were in Andy (McCabe’s) office plotting some kind of thing and I think that ‘some kind of thing’ is what we are seeing right now,” said Kallstrom, observating that the entire Russian analysis was “very depressing” for many nationalistic FBI agents.

The host Stuart Varney agreed with Kalliston that a “cabal” within DOJ and FBI that protected Clinton was trying for the past year to bring down Donald Trump.

Then former assistant director released a bombshell, indicating that insiders within the FBI are about to go public with new discovery about Comey and Mueller.

“I think recent events, that I’m aware of, are going to improve that, because there’s going to be something actually something that’s going to happen in my view,” said Kallistrom and added “I think there’s a lot of patriots that have just had it up to here, with what’s going on. And they’re to step forward and tell people what the shenanigans have been, how they shut down the Clinton Foundation investigation, how other things, you know, were done that are so anti what the FBI and United States is all about.”