Crushed Senator Sanders After Tax Bill Passed Had Meltdown Live on TV


The tax cut bill that Republican force Congress passed was a enormous victory for a vision of Ameica that does not correlate to that of Bernie Sanders, Socialist Senator of Vermont.

In his world, the United States would just function as a nanny state and by giving nonstop benefits to people whether they work or not, government would drive up our federal deficit.

Sanders was without any doubt broken when the bill succeeded, as it plans to spur business progress and profit all groups, not just those with privileges. Senator Sanders was on Wolf Blitzer’s show on CNN and showed how much he hates the new law.

“Well, it is a victory for billionaires like Donald Trump. It’s a victory for wealthy campaign contributors like the Koch brothers. But this is a disaster for the American people. According to the Tax Policy Center, at the end of ten years, Wolf, 83 percent of the tax benefits go to the top 1 percent. Sixty-percent of the benefits go to the top one-tenth of 1 percent.” said Sanders and kept going, raging, “This whole policy is based on the fraudulent theory of trickle-down economics, and that is if you give huge tax breaks to large corporations and the wealthy, somehow the middle-class and working families benefit. The problem is that theory has never worked. It didn’t work under Reagan. It didn’t work under George W. Bush. It certainly didn’t work recently in the state of Kansas. This is a payback for wealthy campaign contributors, and I think the Republicans will rue the day. They may be celebrating today, but I have the feeling that next November they will not be celebrating quite as much.”

Senator Bernie Sanders just made a fool of himself.

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