BREAKING NEWS : Trump Just Blew the Lid Off BIGGEST SCANDAL in American History


Trump’s administration has discovered deadly and a frightening fact: the Department of Veterans Affairs has been letting its hospitals hire doctors and nurses with revoked medical licenses!

For the past 15 years, this was happening. Clearly, and for good reason, it violates federal laws.

In direct contradiction to a 1999 law that bars any VA from hiring a healthcare worker whose licenses had been revoked in any state, in 2002 the VA distributed guidelines that allowed its hospitals to hire doctors and nurses that had a license in one of the 50 states, even if previously they had been subject to a license revocation.

A report by USA Today starts out, “Veteran patients in imminent danger at VA hospital in D.C., investigation finds.”

That report points out that the conditions at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Washington, D.C., are so bad that the agency’s chief watchdog group actually put out a report alerting patients about the issues at that organization.

Apparently many problems were found at that location, such as lack of critical supplies, including bone material needed for knee replacement surgeries and tubes needed for kidney dialysis, due to an ineffective inventory system. Worse, maybe, than the lack of an effective system was the fact that the inspector general found that senior VA leaders were aware of the problems for months but did nothing to rectify it.

The investigators in addition to this finding reviewed 25 sterile storage areas and found that 18 of them were dirty.

These types of reports from the inspector general are, in fact, not commonly made, with the last one having occurred in January 2015.

Brian Hawkins, the Washington V.A.’s medical director, has since been relieved of his position and placed on administrative leave.

In addition to the immediate danger posed by these problems, there is the larger issue of whether or not a government-run healthcare system, that would be able to provide quality healthcare to U.S. citizens, as promoted by many liberals. If this V.A. debacle is any indication, it most certainly would not.