BREAKING NEWS: Michael Wolff Got Caught! [VIDEO]


Michael Wolff, the author of the wicked book Fire and Fury, has admitted that he didn’t interview and Trump cabinet members in spite of earlier claims.

The Gateway Pundit reported: Author Michael Wolff admitted Monday that he did not interview Vice President Mike Pence or any Cabinet members, though some of the more incendiary claims in his book “Fire and Fury” are credited to Cabinet members.

On Tuesday morning Wolff spoke with CBS

Infowars posted the transcript:

Host Norah O’Donnell asked Wolf, “Did you speak to any members of the president’s Cabinet for this book?”

Wolff said, “I did not.”

You did not?” repeated O’Donnell.

Wolff confirmed: “I did not.”

Then she asked Wolff if he ever interviewed Vice President Mike Pence.

“I did not,” said Wolff again.

O’Donnell noted Trump decline having ever been interviewed by Wolff.

O’Donnell said: “The president denies he ever spoke to you about the book, at all.”