BREAKING NEWS: Hillary Tarmac Secret Revealed!


New information was just revealed about shameful meeting between Barack Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lunch and former President Bill Clinton.

Freedom Daily announced that Clinton and Lynch met in June of 2016 on the tarmac of the Phoenix International Airport , just before the attorney general decided not to charge Hillary Clinton for her scandalous emails. The most disquieting part of this whole thing was the FBI’s response to the leaking of this clandestine meeting to the public. At that time Hillary was under a full investigation by the FBI and officials were not worried about how should they respond to the meeting between them.

These past few months, it’s been revealed that the FBI was actually more worried about where the leak came from than about what actually happened on that tarmac. They only cared about finding the person who within the FBI leaked the information about the meeting to the press and making him pay.

The FBI just released a series of emails from which we learn more details about the reaction of the Department of Justice to the information leak of the now shameful secret meeting between Clinton and Lynch.

The email dates range from July 1-3, 2016. On July 5, 2016, then-James Comey, FBI Director declared that Hillary would’t face criminal charges for mishandling confidential information.

On July 2, 2016, a person whose name has been redacted wrote to a bureau employee about the Observer article detailing the tarmac meeting.

“I agree with your assessment about the source, which in reading the article, I believe was one of the local PD officer [sic] assisting with one of the two motorcade [sic] there on the Tarmac. Either way, they should have never offered any type of opinion or details of what did or didn’t happen, as this is the most principle and basic tenant of executive protection.” responded the employee, whose name has also been redacted.

The employee added: “Unfortunately, this article is a breach in security protocol and I am addressing it with the Phoenix division to make certain that they pursuit [sic] this and identify the source of the breach.”

The next day another FBI employee wrote to colleagues: “I believe that the source quoted in this article is one of the local Phoenix LEO’s. Needless to say that I have contacted the Phoenix office and will contact the local’s [sic] who assisted in an attempt to stem further damage.”